Thursday, 19 February 2015

2015 Inquiry

2015 Inquiry

How to develop independent iPad activities to promote higher order thinking in reading for a Year One class?

This year is the first time I am using one on one devices in my teaching practice.  I have a class of Year Ones ranging from new entrants to those who started school at the end of last year.  Using one on one devices is a giant step away from traditional teaching but it is an exciting development.  We have the support of a facilitator and our colleagues.

We are using the apps Explain Everything and in small steps have introduced the children to the processes of and tools needed, to take photos, move a photo around the page, make it larger and smaller, write with a stylus, and record their learning.  

Each week we have a lesson with Mrs George and in between we practice what we have been taught.  We all enjoy our lessons very much and have learnt so many skills already.  Here are some photos of us  practicing taking photos.