Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Moving On - Maths Inquiry 2017

Our school wide Inquiry this year is focused on mathematics. Research results have shown we are achieving acceleration in reading and writing but it is time to turn our attention to maths to see if we can also achieve more acceleration in this area.

As I am a teacher of Year one children just beginning their mathematical journey it is important for the children to develop a sound number knowledge and strategies.

My inquiry will centre on a group of children who find difficulty in moving from stage 1 (counting one to one) to stage 2 (combining sets - adding and subtracting).  They can count and form sets of objects up to ten but they are unable to solve simple problems that involve joining and separating sets like 3 + 2. They can count the 3 counters in one hand and the two counters in the other but when asked how many they have all together they say "three two".

This raises questions such as what strategies can I use to help these children?  How can I strengthen these children's understanding? What key items of knowledge do the children need to developed? What learning activities can I select and implement that will aid these children?  Would using manipulative equipment be more useful than iPad activities?

The beginning of this journey will involve an in depth look at reviewing their present knowledge to see what number knowledge they have and then working on activities to strengthen their understanding within the stage. This information, along with current literature and colleague's advice, will help me formulate an action plan for my teaching inquiry.

Monday, 13 February 2017

New Beginnings in a New Year - 2017.

It is the beginning of a new year with a group of 17 year one students.  I am delighted to be teaching year one students again and to be taking the first steps in their learning voyage with them.

The focus this year is that "we are voyagers."  It is fitting to think about navigating through our learning journey.  We need to know who we are, where we come from and where we are going to.

Most of the children in Room 16 this year have previously spent a few weeks at school at the end of last year so they have a sense of belonging to Point England already.  They are enthusiastic to get on with their learning voyage again.  We have been getting into new routines and getting to know each other.

We look forward to sharing some of our adventures through our class blog.