Friday, 24 November 2017

Accelerated Shift

A quote from John Hattie about "the collective self perception that teachers in a given school make an educational difference to their student..." led into a discussion about what visible strategies did we leverage Learn, Create, Share to enable shift in our students.

Team one began their discussion thinking we did not have as much accelerated shift as other areas in the school.  We then started to think about where our students are at when they start school.  Typically,  they begin school with less language and knowledge than other 5 year olds and they have "to run to catch up".  To achieve what they do in the first year means there is shift.  To move from Stage 0 through to Stage 2/3 or even Stage 4 means they do achieve accelerated shift.

Ways in which this is achieved is through knowing your learner and how they learn, creating EE's with the learner in mind- using sound bites to make it easier for those that find reading a barrier, supporting the learner and repeating activities if necessary, using personal refections and planning accordingly.

Visible evidence of how the learners are supported include sharing on airplay, peer to peer sharing, sharing with a group and sharing with the teacher.  As language is gained, the confidence to share instead of a shrug become greater.

The main data that shows evidence other than a child's EE that they have done is through JAM testing.  A child at the beginning of the year would not participate in any of the discussions.  He scored Stage 1 for number identification.  By June he had accelerated to Stage 3 and by November he is at Stage 4.  He has gained so much confidence that he readily joins in discussions being one of the first to put his hand up.  This shift is huge when one thinks where they have come from over a period of 10 months.