Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Discussions With Colleagues

Our recent Inquiry "sharing" session was very beneficial.

Sharing how things are going with our DMiC lessons was a great way to get answers to some of the queries that have arisen in our own practise.  Even sharing with colleagues who teach at a different year level can give you another perspective on a problem that can be modified to help at year one.  It is also reassuring to hear others voicing similar queries that had arisen in the lessons I had taught.

One of my concerns has been how to record the gains the children are making in language.  It is all very well to say I think they are gaining skills and language but I need to have a concrete way of recording this.  The children are very reluctant to talk in front of a camera and clam up as soon as I produce one which defeats the purpose of trying to record them.

Two suggestions were made to overcome this problem.  One was to record them on audio.  The other suggestion was to make a rubric and mark the children according to a grading system devised to measure the outcomes we required.  On reflection the rubric seemed the better option and I will ponder on what outcomes I am wanting.

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