Sunday, 5 August 2018

Digital Fluency Intensive: Day 7

This week to connect with the Manaiakalani kaupapa and pedagogy Dorothy took us through the visibility aspect of "Learn, Create, Share".  All aspects are important and interconnected but we need to ask ourselves is the whole of our learning journey, as well as the learning, visible?  We expect our learners to be at the centre of the learning and for every part of the learning journey to be genuinely visible to them.

We like to plan and be prepared in many aspects of our lives.  Mystery trips might have a place but most of us will use expedia, Trip It, Goggle travel or similar to plan our travel and look for where we will be staying, plan day trips or excursions so that there is no surprises or guess work when we are in unfamiliar territory.

This is true for our students.  If there is no timetable or they are not told what to expect with their learning it can leave them in the dark.  Even my Year 1's look at our visual time table displayed and say "Yay, we have Makerspace today!" and they will remind me that after reading they have Makerspace.

In our digital world this is just as important that we do not shut our learners out of their learning but having the site, folders and blog visible.  Learners need to know the path ahead through their learning to help everyone understand and have rewindable learning.

Previously parents were able to look at their children's books to view their child's learning but with a digital device they often feel shut out.  With Harpara Teacher Dash Board, which is not only for teachers, there is a parent portal.  Parents are able to see what their children are learning, the books they are reading and the resources they are using.  Everything is visible and they are not locked out of the learning process.

Gerhard introduced us to Goggle Keep.  I had installed this during the previous week after being introduced to it by a colleague.  It is good to make notes and keep links together but Dorothy and Gerhard introduced so many more uses for class and personal uses from shopping lists, reminders, typing notes and taking photos of cursive writing and turning it into text for students who have difficulty reading cursive writing.  A useful addition to keep yourself organised and on top of your work.

We also looked at our sites to check the visibility.  We need to keep in front of mind who will be using our sites.  For me, year one children need a clean and clear site with an easy "three click path" to their learning.  Using photos of their group or the subject helps them navigate their way around the site more easily.  Having the chance look at our own site with a new set of knowledge and to take on board comments from others was very beneficial.  Making up a list of what worked and what to avoid will be a great help in setting up next years site as well as using the feedback to make improvements to my present site.

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  1. Kai ora Susan, it has been wonderful getting to know you. As you continue to grow you have so much knowledge around ipads and google just believe. Google Keep as you noted is so useful and will help us to be and do so much.