Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Inquiry :End of Term 3 2018

Language acquisition and practising language skills still continues to be a focus this term.  Participation in formal class discussions remains at a similar level as at the beginning of the term with some more confident children able to participate fully offering ideas, using a range of language from gifted words to informal language and using conventions of turn taking, looking at the speaker and asking questions.  But it is the few children who continue to find it difficult to participate in formal class discussions choosing to opt out and remain silent during discussions that are a concern.

Most of this group of children, mainly girls, talk readily in a more informal setting.  They are able to chat with their friends offering support and ideas but are still find sharing with a larger group over whelming.  I have been observing who they work best with, what they offer in a group situation and putting a more confident child to report back to the class in their group so that their ideas are at least heard and shared.

We have just begun our assessment task for Move Ya Body.  It includes being able to work in a small group to share ideas, to decide how to present information to the class by way of a series of pictures, a play or a movie, and to preform or present this information to the class.  The children were enthusiastic about having a choice of how and what they can share.  It will be interesting to see the choices they make.

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