Thursday, 19 March 2015

"Can I do Reading Activities on my iPad??!!"

Today I started to do reading activities on the ipads with two groups. Previously we had just been practicing our skills on simple reading tasks. I had downloaded two sequencing activities that required the children to go into their reading folder, find the activity and complete them with support. They were able to locate and open the activities quickly. They were so excited with what they found. "This is from our book. Look. Here are some words like our book!" They checked each others iPads to see if they all had the same and worked as a team to sequence the sentences. When one had the fullstops left and didn't know what to do with them the others helped her by saying they were the fullstops and they were at the end of the sentence. They watched as she slid them into place. "Can we do it again?" they wanted to know.
Other classmates came to look at what they were doing and are now eagerly awaiting their turn for "iPad Reading Activities".

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