Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tricky Rectangle Shapes

Drawing rectangles of a particular size proved to be quite tricky for the children because they did not realise that once you took you finger off the shape you could not change its size.  Some quickly realised the problem, adjusted their drawings and moved on to doing lines and locking down all the shapes while others needed quite a bit of practice to get four rectangles on their page.

As all the children had not completed the task before morning tea, I let them complete this as a reading activity.  They were very excited to be able to continue and the children supported each other to get as far as having the rectangles and lines in place.  The children love seeing their work on the apple TV and sharing it with others.

One left hander was having trouble drawing lines so Mrs George reversed his tool bar and solved that problem.

The children are having so much fun practising their new skills!  For Inquiry we leant to add a new page after drawing ourselves in school uniform so that we could draw our pets.

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